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2022-08-21 13:37:13 By : Ms. Li Lang

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Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann today met with the driver and driver of the PRTC bus, who returned the bag full of cash to the rightful owner a few days ago. On August 1, a passenger forgot a bag full of 4 lakh 30 thousand rupees on the bus. That is why CM Bhagwant Mann honored him today for setting an example of honesty.

CM Bhagwant Mann tweeted that a few days ago a man left a bag full of money… which contained ₹4.30 lakh… on a PRTC bus but the bus workers managed to reach the man safely. security. I met the two employees today. Encouraged and encouraged for honesty. Honesty comforts…

Let us tell you that a few days ago, a farmer from Sangrur was sitting in a PRTC bus, which was going to fetch a tractor. He had a bag full of money. He got on the bus with his bag full of money and he forgot his bag on the bus. The bus moved forward and later they contacted the farmer and all the farmer’s money was returned to him by these employees. There was more than 4 lakh 30 thousand money in this bag

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