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2021-12-10 10:30:10 By : Mr. Mark Yang

William Hackett, a global leader in offshore hoists and chains, announced the launch of WHC4QP as an important step forward for land operators-positioning as the safest and most efficient chain hoist in the world

London, June 9, 2021: William Hackett, the world leader and pioneer in offshore hoists and chains, today announced the launch of WH C4 QP, an important step forward for land-based operators , This product uses the company's patented four-prong (QP) mechanism-positioned as the safest and most efficient chain hoist in the world.

The WH C4 series chain hoist is specially designed for critical land-based lifting applications. Among them, fault recovery and fine tolerance adjustment are crucial. It is the only chain hoist with QP mechanism for land-based use and The durability test is twice the required industry standard.

Security: Enhanced failure recovery capabilities

The patented QP of WH C4 chain hoist has four independent pawls, each pawl provides a safety factor of 4:1, and can operate safely in the event of any single pawl or pawl spring failure.

After more than 3,000 cycles of verification; BS EN 13157 requires twice the standard.

Endurance: Improve the performance-to-weight ratio

WH C4 adopts strict design and material quality to make it lighter. The reduced unit mass reduces the risk of user injury during handling, transfer and rigging.

"Innovation based on a detailed understanding of lifting applications is the core of our work, and the newly added QP in the WH C4 series hoist improves the level of operational safety and performance provided by the chain link," Ben said of William Hackett Director Burgess.

"The QP biased load-bearing mechanism is the best on the market. Compared with the first-generation dual-jaw products, it provides higher operating performance," Burgess said. "By increasing the number of offset pawls in the chain hoist from two to four, the load can be safely distributed on the ratchet gear, thereby providing users with higher redundancy and flexibility."

The safety and continuous performance of lifting equipment is critically dependent on minimizing risks by improving failure recovery capabilities. Elevator operations are usually fast-moving, challenging and dangerous environments. Improvements in efficiency, ease of use and safety can bring huge returns to operators in any industry-from construction, engineering and shipping to energy and transportation.

The working principle of QP is to allow all four pawls to engage with the ratchet in an offset configuration, thereby achieving finer adjustment and tensioning capabilities while keeping the pawls in engagement with the ratchet.

The pawl spring is enclosed in the brake chamber of the product to minimize pollution, and the patented pawl design ensures that if both pawl springs fail, the four pawls and the ratchet gear remain intact, allowing the crane to operate and use Safer. The patented QP mechanism is synchronized to minimize the time and distance to reach the next joint, further shortening the lifting time and providing a smooth lifting operation.

"It overcomes the interference and unexpected failures that may be encountered when using other simpler first-generation products," Burgess said. "This helps minimize project downtime or costly work scope delays, and provides peace of mind and peace of mind for operators and contractors."

QP innovation is the result of William Hackett's long-term investment strategy, which aims to innovate and develop lifting solutions that help mitigate potential risks and failure areas. It is preparing to launch a subsea version of WH C4 QP, which provides a high degree of corrosion protection for offshore operations.

Burgess said: "We will continue to work hard to build technologically advanced chain hoists, save money for operators, and consistently ensure the safety of these valuable payloads. Although we recognize that the industry faces economic challenges and is due to operational pressures Increasing the operating pressure of the global health pandemic, we believe that the innovative approach of WH C4 QP will better support the industry at this critical moment. Safety is only made safer by design."

1. WH C4 QP product pictures (available on request).

2. QP technical video animation

William Hackett was founded in the United Kingdom in 1892 and has been manufacturing chain-related products. In 2017, he celebrated its 125th anniversary. In 1989, the company established a lifting division in Northumberland, England, and is now a global supplier of lifting equipment and chain products. The lifting, lashing, marine, mining, energy and agricultural markets are all over the world.

William Hackett is known for his spirit of integrity and reliability, which is built on its world-class services in design, assembly, certification, compliance and distribution capabilities.

Learn more on Follow us on LinkedIn @William Hackett.

Jason Knights, Knights Director of Media and Public Relations

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