Which UK charity is named after a New York bar? The Saturday quiz | Life and style | The Guardian

2022-06-25 09:36:19 By : Mr. JACKY NIU

From plague rats to Peter the Great, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Which singer songwriter is known as the “mother of the MP3”? 2 What is the largest arboreal mammal? 3 Sandra Mason is the first president of which country? 4 Which UK charity is named after a New York bar? 5 In global investment, what is a SWF? 6 Which monarch had a 325-volume stamp collection? 7 Which Lloyd Webber musical borrowed a title from Elgar? 8 The sports paper L’Auto founded which race? What links: 9 Abertawe; Caerdydd; Casnewydd; Llanelwy; Tyddewi? 10 Hudson; Crichton; Pennyworth; Carson? 11 Betelgeuse; Peter the Great; plague rodents; music, dance etc? 12 Aspartame; isomalt; lactitol; steviol glycoside? 13 Thyssen-Bornemisza; Reina Sofia; Prado? 14 Canton; charge; field; fimbriation; fly, hoist? 15 Little Albert; Asch Conformity; Stanford Prison; Milgram?

1 Suzanne Vega (Tom’s Diner was used in testing). 2 Orangutan. 3 Barbados. 4 Stonewall. 5 Sovereign wealth fund. 6 George V. 7 Starlight Express. 8 Tour de France.

9 Welsh names for Welsh cities: Swansea; Cardiff; Newport; St Asaph; St Davids. 10 Fictional butlers: Upstairs, Downstairs; Admirable Crichton; Batman; Downton Abbey. 11 Anagrams: star; tsar; rats; arts. 12 Artificial sweeteners. 13 Galleries in Madrid’s “art triangle”. 14 Parts of a flag. 15 Famous (or infamous) psychological experiments.