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Harrington Hoists Inc. Business Development Director JASON SAID

Harrington Hoists Inc. Business Development Director Jason Said focuses on ensuring that his team provides quality, safety and innovation to internal and external customers. When talking about being an effective leader, he also emphasized the value of patience and listening. BIC Magazine recently sat down with Said to learn more about his goals and the company's future development.

Q: What led to your position in Harrington?

A: During my career at Harrington, I was able to work in different departments, from production to customer service to sales. This combination provided me with the experience of getting into business development, and today I am honored to be able to lead a great team.

In 2014, I moved my family from California to Pennsylvania to relocate the company headquarters. This allows me to work with almost all departments every day and truly understand our business from the inside out. This experience is crucial to my growth and ability to become a member of the core team.

Q: What is the biggest news in Harrington right now?

A: In the past few years, Harrington has partnered with our parent company KITO Corp. to help acquire key partners. This allows us to expand our product portfolio and increase market share. In the future, mergers and acquisitions will continue to be the focus and key part of our continued growth.

Harrington has just launched its revolutionary new RY wire rope hoist, which has many industry-first standard functions. We have been working hard to bring this product to the market recently, and we are proud to be able to produce this product in our new design factory in Mannheim, Pennsylvania.

In the next five years, Harrington will continue to expand its digital footprint. We have just launched the new SmarLink e-commerce website, which benefits our customers and employees alike. Soon, we will launch our fully automated product configurator and several other initiatives that will continue to make our business with our customers easier and more efficient. My goal is to make Harrington the country's leading supplier of material handling solutions and to be at the forefront of customers' eyes.

Q: What should people know before taking up such positions?

A: Patience is the key to success. Our team interacts with almost all departments in Harrington every day. It takes patience and understanding to get everyone to focus on a project. This can be challenging, but in the end, it really pays to see the entire company work together to launch a new product or plan.

In addition, listening is also very important. If you cannot listen to the opinions of your team and others around you, you will never be able to truly empower others.

Q: What is your biggest lesson?

Answer: You can never take any business for granted. Complacency will cost you, and once you make yourself feel safe about a business, you will start to reduce the level of service to your customers.

Q: How do you maintain a good work/family life balance?

Answer: It's very simple. When I go home from the office or travel abroad, I put my family first. We always try to have dinner together and talk about our days and experiences. I put away my phone and concentrate on being a good husband and dad.

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