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A series of lifting devices with four pick-up points are mechanically synchronized to achieve precise handling. One motor is used for four chain drives/ins Wetter, Germany, April 12, 2018. Demag LDC-Q four chain hoist is equipped with four hooks, allowing different load handling accessories to be lifted and transported at the same time. The available LDC-Q size can safely and efficiently handle loads up to 3.2 tons.

Demag LDC-Q four-wheel chain hoist is a series of hoist devices of the Demag DC series. It has a successful record all over the world and can be used for various handling requirements in production and logistics applications. The LDC-Q device is equipped with four load hooks, which can handle and transport customer-specific load handling accessories or flat components, and transport materials to the relevant workstations.

The basis of this wide application is the technology and some special features provided by the LDC-D double-ring hoist. For example, it includes the design of combining two double chain hoists with only one drive, which is a special technical feature. This means that only one chain hoist motor transmits power to the other three chain outlets of the Demag LDC-Q Quadro device through the corresponding connection. Mechanically synchronized hook leads provide uniform and precise load handling. This arrangement enables loads with asymmetrical weight distribution to reach a ratio of 70:30 and can be picked up without any problems.

ProHub integrated variable speed control is a unique function of Demag chain hoist, and the rated speed can also be increased by 90% in the partial load range. Operators can use DC 10 and DC 25 sizes to handle loads up to 3.2 tons. Demag LDC-Q four-wheel chain hoist has the advantages of safe and efficient lifting. Low-voltage operation of the control unit (24 V contactor control) and smooth starting and braking with low load swing are also important factors. Further safety-related functions meet at least performance level c and category 2 of EN ISO 13849-1.

In addition to safety, service is also very important. The large-size slip clutch and gearbox are maintenance-free for up to 10 years, and due to their modular design, the maintenance of individual components is quick and simple, helping to make Demag LDC-Q four-wheel chain hoists easy to repair. These are all important aspects of minimizing downtime and extending equipment life to increase productivity.

For the control of Demag LDC-Q four-wheel chain hoist, operators can also benefit from the DSC/DSE control pendant, whose low fatigue driving force improves ergonomics. To meet specific ergonomic requirements, the operator can choose a radio control device or a cable-connected control device that can be integrated into a fixed control unit.

Finally, the 2D and 3D geometric models in the Demag Designer tool give owners the opportunity to view potential solutions and their precise placement in the existing building and mechanical infrastructure during the pre-planning stage.

Description: Demag LDC-Q four-wheel chain hoist design, with four hooks

Description: Quadro chain hoist and load handling accessories and power units in food production

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